Acero Tanques is a holding group with decades of experience providing Engineering, Maintenance, Procurement, Manufacturing, Inspection and Supply Services to the Energy, Oil, Gas, Infrastructure and Maritime Industries.

We satisfy the needs of our customers, shareholders, workers and suppliers, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality, high profitability, quality of life and contributing to development and growth.

We have technology and specialized human resources for the development of our competences, within a policy of high quality and competitiveness, maintaining the premise of satisfying our clients.

We obtained the ASME certification for the stamping of the Brand Certificate of boilers and pressure vessels.

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About us

We emerged in the stainless steel work until the oil boom encouraged us to enter this market and there we have opted for continuous improvement and on our preparation to face new challenges.

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We also provide engineering, maintenance, procurement, manufacturing, inspection, supply, maritime and logistics services in industrial activity (management, transport, fuel and other supplies in the maritime sector, through our related companies, Agency of rigths and oil Stward).

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